"Outs", Olve Sande

Olve Sande OUTS Antoine Levi Paris art norwegian norway wall filler parquet slabs

Olve Sande

January 25th - March 16th, 2013

Press release

Photographs: Yann Revol

Five laminate tiles or a French figure sixty (Monochrome filler painting), 2013, filler and acrylic resin on canvas, cm. 130 x 97

Four and Five with intervals, 2013, parquet, MDF, cm. 127,2 x 123

Silent underlayer, 2013, parquet slabs, timber, cm. 127,4 x 174,2

Painting for an unpainted wall (Monochrome filler painting), 2013, filler on canvas and MDF, cm. 130,3 x 97

As-wall I, 2013, parquet, filler, MDF, cm. 157 x 122,2

Largeur de lame, 2013, filler and glue on canvas, cm. 40 x 60,5