"Problems of Style", Sean Townley

Sean Townley Problems of Style Antoine Levi Paris Alois Riegl concrete maori brass urn Los Angeles art

Sean Townley
Problems of Style

September 12th - October 31st, 2013

Press release

Photographs: Yann Revol

Untitled, 2013, concrete, steel, mahogany, brass, brass urn, wax, cm. 163,5x 30 x 30,5

Fig. 147, 2013, concrete, steel, brass, rubber, cm. 167 x 41 x 83

Passage to Maroc, 2013, 1921 minted nickel coins, cm. 0,27 cm diam. each (installation width 10 cm.)

Detail of a Volute Calyx (the heraldic style), 2013, brass, dimensions variable

A Letter to Miranda, 2013, vacuum shaped plastic, various dimensions

Intrinsic Apoptotic Pathways, 2013, cast urethane, cm. 5 x 19,5 x 15

Votive #9, 2013, porcelain, brass, cm. 33 x 18 x 14

Detail of Acanthus Leaf from an Imperial Impost at Ishfahan, 2013, brass, black silk, steel, paint, cm. 177 x 47 x 37